Too often are reseachers, scientists, and engineers perceived as robotic drones only capable of speaking in a foreign scientific language.

This website is my attempt to rectify this.

About me

Who is this man talking to me?

Curriculum Vitae

All my accomplishments on paper


Made from 100% pure science

Outreach and Teaching

I talk about stuff, and people listen sometimes

I hold a belief that scientific advancement does no good if it stays trapped in scientific circles, disseminated only by academic journals and professional conferences. I have thus taken numerous opportunities to talk about my work and the work of my lab to audiences of all ages who would otherwise have never heard.

Science Communication

Anyone can learn anything, if presented properly

If scientific content is not communicated in an easy-to-understand and digestable manner, those who would find the work fascinating instead enjoy a brief nap. I am extremely passionate about the field of science communication and relish every chance I get to refine my ability to communicate with non-expert audiences.