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The Robot Hand

Masoud was only 17 years old when he lost his left forearm in the discoteque fire in Gothenburg. Now he will receive the world's most advanced arm prosthesis controlled using the power of his thoughts. A film about how almost science fiction-like research meets human needs and provides opportunities for a richer life.

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Tonney lost his arm - now he has regained feeling through a new prosthesis

Tonney Forsberg lost his arm in a workplace accident several years ago. Today he wears a thought-controlled robotic arm and has regained sensation in his artificial hand.

"It's like a small processor that takes care of the signals from my nerves and sends them on", says Tonney.

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Prostheses with Feeling

Those with amputation usually have no sensation in the fingers of their prosthesis, unless they have been implanted with some of the world's most modern technology.

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Bionic Breakthrough: The Future Of Bioelectronic Prosthetics

A new bionic hand demonstrates the advances made in brain-machine interfaces in recent years.

Popular Science

Titanium-fused bone tissue connects this bionic hand directly to a patient’s nerves

Unlike other prosthetics, a new model connects directly to a patient's limb via both bone and nerves.

CNN Health

It’s not ‘Star Wars’-level tech yet, but doctors get a step closer to a bionic hand with special surgery and AI

Phantom limb pain is a common problem for people who undergo amputation, and so is the ability to function even with a regular prosthetic, but a medical advance that sounds like it comes straight out of “Star Wars” is giving at least one woman significant relief from that pain.

CU Anschutz School of Medicine

New Faculty Member in Department of Orthopedics Brings Expertise in Prosthetic Limb Technology

Eric J. Earley, PhD, was part of a Swedish research team that developed a system allowing people with amputations above the elbow achieve an unprecedented level of control over the individual fingers on a bionic hand.


Man With Amputated Arm Gets Bionic Hand in Surgical Breakthrough

A man with an amputated arm has been given a bionic hand in a surgical breakthrough in Sweden.

A study shows how the patient can now control the fingers of the hand through the remaining limb with the use of artificial intelligence (AI).

Health Day

New Bionic Implant Allows Control of All Fingers

A multinational team of engineers and surgeons has developed a bionic hand with a high level of function in every finger -- a significant advance for amputees.

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His robot arm helped him back

A workplace accident changed Tonney Forsberg's life. In just one second, he lost half of his left arm.

But now, seven years later, he is back at the same job, with the same duties. All thanks to the world's most advanced, thought-controlled prosthetic arm.

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Becoming his own machine

The world's most advanced prosthetic arm is controlled using the power of thought.

Have we blurred the line between man and machine?

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Thought-controlled prosthesis from Gothenburg changes the life of amputees

Ulf Karlsson lost his right arm a long time ago.

Now he has a robotic arm that he controls directly with his thoughts - and that makes him feel whole again.

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Research team in Mölndal creates thought-controlled prostheses

Almost six years ago, Tonney Forsberg's arm was planed off in a workplace accident.

Now he is one of five in the world who wears a thought-controlled robotic arm, with technology manufactured by a research team headquartered in Mölndal.

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