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Neuromusculoskeletal Arm Prostheses

Bionic arm prostheses connected to the user's nerves, muscles, and skeleton (neuromusculoskeletal).

This technology made possible, for the first time, the intuitive control of a prosthetic limb that also provide sensory feedback ("feeling") used safely in daily life and for several years.

Prosthetic Limbs and Motor Adaptation

In order to move, your brain and limbs have to communicate with each other. Is it possible, then, for a prosthesis to do the same? In this video, I explain why they don't, and why it's important that they do!

This video was created as part of the Ready Set Go (RSG) science communication workshop.


Exploring the science behind your favorite movies, television, and video games.

Why can't we travel Faster than Light?

In science fiction, spacefarers are able to travel several light years in the blink of an eye.

Inhabitants of the worlds of Star Wars, Star Trek, and Elite: Dangerous all utilize different technology to quickly travel between the stars.

What is holding us back from doing the same?

How can we travel Faster than Light?

In this second in a series of two videos, we’ll explore the theoretical technology that may one day allow us to travel beyond the speed of light.

Other Videos

Science Videos are Hard

When recording videos, things don't always go as planned.

In my case, things generally don't go as planned.

These are the bloopers from my RSG video.

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